At Kells Academy, we recognize the important role that digital technology has come to play in almost every aspect of our daily lives. This is one of the reasons why Kells places such a strong emphasis on teaching students how to make use of the newest cutting-edge technology to research, collaborate, create, and more.

Students at Kells learn how to develop advanced audio/video presentations, blogs, and web pages, while learning through interactive lessons on their iPads, and using online tools to work together on group projects. Technology is integrated into students’ learning all across the curriculum, allowing them to see how digital tools can be used to solve problems across a variety of domains, and to continually develop their technological skills.

At the 2019 Kells Science Fair, these skills were on full display as students shared a range of fascinating and impressive projects, including their own mobile apps and smart appliances. Here are a couple of the high-tech highlights showing off our students’ digital abilities.


For over a decade, the World Scholar’s Cup has been bringing students together from all over the globe. It’s a competition designed to celebrate the joy of learning, stimulating students to achieve new heights while also offering a fun and truly memorable experience. Since its humble beginnings, the World Scholar’s Cup has grown into an international phenomenon that draws in thousands of students from over 100 different regions.

The theme this year was ‘A World on the Margins.’ Students Hai Minh, Carolyn, and Katie represented Kells Academy at the Montreal Round of the World Scholar’s Cup, which took place from January 18-19 at St. George's School. Our team placed second overall, with Hai Minh, Carolyn, and Katie earning over 30 medals!

Read on to learn more about how our students shone at the 2019 Montreal Round of the World Scholar’s Cup. 


While it’s true that the mind needs to be exercised regularly to stay strong and that flexing the brain in the classroom helps our students and teachers learn and grow, it’s also important to emphasize the benefits of physical activity.

Sometimes, when we’re engaged in a lesson or working on homework, we can forget to pay attention to our bodies, which is why Kells Academy is dedicated to encouraging exercise and athletic participation to help students to stay healthy in body and mind. We aim to improve our students’ quality of life through active living, and participating in athletics helps keep students more alert, focused and healthy – in fact, just 5 minutes of exercise can give a boost to our overall mood. If you’re interested in giving your child the opportunity to strengthen their body as well as their mind, read on to learn more about how students at Kells Academy get active and stay sharp in the classroom.


Each year, our science fair gives students a chance to flex their creative muscles and curious minds by planning, designing and presenting their unique projects and experiments. Kells Academy focuses on cultivating the interests of our students in the subjects they’re passionate about and participating in a science fair allows them to get up close and personal with their projects, and provides our community with an opportunity to come together to celebrate their innovative, original creations.

This year’s experiments covered a wide range of topics, from how Coke affects our teeth to edible water bottles and smart fire detectors to air pollution’s impact on our water. Our students brought their passion and their science smarts to the forefront and impressed everyone with their boundless creativity. If you’re interested in learning more about what makes our scientific superstars and their creations so special, read on to find out what this year’s science fair had in store for the Kells community.


Middle school is an important transitional period for students. Leaving behind the safety and comfort of the elementary school environment, it’s here that they finally begin to develop their independence and autonomy and take a more active role in their learning.

At Kells Academy, we recognize that not every student has the same learning style, however, or works at the same pace. While some may require written materials to understand complex topics, others might do better with a hands-on learning exercise, or a visual representation of the information. Ultimately, there are as many ways of learning as there are students, and this diversity of learning styles can make the transition into high school challenging. With Kells Academy’s differentiated learning approach, however, it doesn’t need to be.