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Introducing: Kells Grade 12 Program

Since September 2017, Kells Academy has offered our pre-university Grade 12 program. This program prepares students for admission to the top universities across Europe and North America, including Quebec. Upon successful completion, students will receive the Ontario Secondary Schools Diploma (OSSD).

This is an opportunity for students to partake in a program that provides small class sizes and a tutorial approach in a classroom setting to allow for a high level of personal attention to ensure student success. A virtual platform allows students to access course content, lesson materials, assignments and online tutoring. In addition, this affords highly motivated students to progress at an accelerated pace beyond the classroom instruction.

Daily after school remediation is provided to help students with subject specific support and exam preparation. As well, Guidance services are available to assist students in choosing a suitable university and program.

ESL support will be available for students who require additional language development. This will help students develop their confidence in their skills and abilities.

Students enrolled in the Kells Grade 12 OSSD program are required to complete ten hours of community involvement. This requirement allows students to develop responsibility and strengthen their leadership skills. The Kells Grade 12 coordinator monitors and supports students throughout their community service. This is an incredibly enriching experience that can benefit them not just personally, but professionally as well.

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