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Kells Academy Summer School is an exceptional summer learning centre and the referral choice of leading private and public schools across the Montreal region. Providing students with a welcoming and inspiring environment, Kells delivers its remarkable results through a highly individualized approach, its small class size, and the close attention of professional educators ensuring that students successfully manage the demands of the summer programs.


Our Philosophy of Learning
Since 1978, Kells Academy, using a differentiated approach to learning, has led students on a meaningful and rewarding journey that defines its exceptional educational experience. Kells Academy was founded on the understanding and appreciation of student individuality and the rejection of the ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning. Its future minded model effectively embraces a child’s uniqueness, attuned to each one’s particular learning style.
With small class sizes, excellent programs, and dedicated educators, Kells has the winning formula to give students the opportunity to succeed. We provide an innovative and enriching learning environment, enhanced with many of today’s most advanced learning tools. Kells inspires students to achieve their personal best, empowering them with knowledge, self-esteem, and the capability of progressing confidently in pursuit of their goals.

Irene Woods, Director



· Credit Course Review
· Tutorials (One on one or Small Group)
· English Language Learning (ELL) Camp




Credit Course Review Programs: (Grades 10- 11)

These reviews are designed for students who have already taken the course and are familiar with the material and content. The focus is on preparing students for the final exam. Test taking strategies are a component of the program.

Dates: July 9th-July 26th: Monday-Thursday
Exam Week: July 27th-August 3rd
Times: to be determined
Cost: $550.00 per course
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Grade 10:
· English Language Arts (632-406)
· French Second Language(634-404)
· Mathematics (563-414) CST
· Mathematics (565-426) SN
· History & Citizenship (585-404)
· Science & Technology (555-444)
· Env.Science & Technology (558-404)
· Math Bridge CST to SN
· Science Bridge ST to EST

Grade 11:
· English Language Arts (612-536)
· French Second Language(634-504)
· Mathematics (563-504) CST
· Mathematics (565-506) SN
A minimum of 6 students registered per course are required in order for it to be offered.

Bridge Courses:
Grade 10 students whose average is 80% or above in Mathematics CST or Science and Technology ST have the opportunity to enroll in a Mathematics grade 10 SN or grade 10 EST (Environmental, Science, and Technology). The application must include a recommendation letter from the referring school or teacher.




In a few short weeks of summer school, students can benefit from intensive instruction tailor made to meet their needs. In these tutorials, students work at their own pace at their appropriate instructional level targeting the skills that need improvement. Honing study and organizational skills are a key component of the program.


One on One (Grades 1-11)

Cost: $65.00 per hour
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Small Group (Grades 1-9)

Dates: July 9th-July 26th Monday-Thursday 
Times: 8:30-11:00am or 11:30-2:00 pm 
Cost: $675.00 per course (Small Group)
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A minimum of 6 students registered are required in order for a small group program to be offered.

Courses Offered:
· English (Reading and Writing)
· French Second Language
· Mathematics

Cancellation Policy:
· If the student is registered and cancels two weeks before the class starts, an indemnity fee of $100 will be charged.
· If the student is registered and cancels less than two weeks before the class starts, an indemnity fee of $200 will be charged.
· If cancellation is received after the program has started, the student will be charged in full. No refund will be issued.




Courses are designed to provide an opportunity for concentrated instruction to students interested in gaining proficiency in English.
The emphasis is placed on an improvement in spoken English, but appropriate supplemental study is given in writing, reading, and comprehension skills. In a fun and exciting environment, participants become more confident by developing their spoken vocabulary and grammar while improving their comprehension skills as well.

Students are placed in a class at the appropriate level of 8-10 students. The classes are small enough to provide more individual attention and yet the groups are large enough to maintain a positive class spirit.

Students receive 5 hours of instruction per day. In the afternoons, various sports and activities (including art, music, and drama) will be organized as these are an integral part of the summer camp experience. On Fridays, there are planned activities, including visits to local museums and Old Montreal, the water slides, and Ottawa. The field trips provide the opportunity for students to learn about the local culture and further develop their English skills.

Dates: July 16th - August 10th
Times: Monday-Friday 9:00-3:00pm
Ages: 11-17 years old (Grades 7-12)
Cost: $2900.00
(Deposit of $500.00 due June 15 and balance of $2,400.00 due July 1st both are non-refundable)
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A minimum of 10 students registered are required in order for the ELL Camp to be offered.
*Please note that students must bring their own lunch and snacks.


Specially selected homestay families provide a "home away from home" cultural experience for international students. An added advantage is the opportunity to practice both speaking skills as well as language comprehension.

· Homestay Placement Fee: (non-refundable) $100.00
· Homestay Fee: (weekly rate-includes 3 meals per day and snacks) $320.00
· Airport Pick-up Fee: (Optional): $100.00

Registration Procedure:
1. A completed and signed application form. (Register Here)
2. A copy of the latest report card.
3. A copy of the latest MEES statement of marks (Secondary 4 & 5 students only).
4. Program fees are payable in online by Visa or MasterCard.
5. Kells Academy will be responsible for transmitting the results of the final exams to MEES and/or your school.


“Thanks to the summer course at Kells and to the extraordinary teaching skills shown by its staff, our daughter was able to strengthen her mathematical comprehension and to very significantly raise her average. Most importantly however, this program tailored to small groups allowed her to rebuild the self-confidence so often damaged by less than adequate teaching conditions. Without this support, the story could have been quite different!

Early Bird Discount
Students who register before June 1st will receive a 5% discount on all Summer Programs.

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