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Our Academic Middle School Celebrates the Written Word at the QAIS Essay Competition

Encouraging young minds to think critically and analyze is an important step in their personal and academic development. The subjects they learn in and out of class can help them acquire crucial skills that benefit them throughout their lives.

Literature and creative writing is more than just studying words on a page—exploring the deeper meaning behind what our students read can help them develop their own thoughts and opinions, as well as help them find new and artistic ways to express themselves as individuals. The written word helps us build a bridge between ourselves and the world around us, and forge deeper, more meaningful connections with the things we learn every day.

Kells Academy recently had the privilege to participate in the Quebec Association of Independent Schools’ (QAIS) essay competition. Read on to find out how our students excelled, and to discover how we’re promoting their passion for writing in and out of the classroom.

Kells Grade 8 Student Shines at the QAIS Junior Essay Competition

The QAIS is an organization of independent English elementary and secondary schools in the province of Quebec, and actively promotes innovation, collaboration, and educational excellence in all of its member institutions. Kells Academy is fortunate enough to be an associate member of QAIS, and some of our academic middle school students recently participated in their essay competition, which promotes the art of creative writing.

We’d like to take a moment and congratulate one of our outstanding Grade 8 students, Logan Meehan-Mansi, who was awarded 2nd place at the essay competition for his essay, titled “Music Takes Its Time”. Logan’s essay was selected from a pool of Grade 7 and 8 students from participating QAIS schools, and we are so proud of his excellent performance and superbly creative essay!

Exploring Expression with the Kells Academic Middle School English Curriculum

Whether through the art of the essay, a short story, or a poem, creative expression is an important skill for any student. Everyone approaches it differently with their own unique perspectives, thoughts, and opinions, which is why our English curriculum at Kells Academy emphasizes our students’ strengths and encourages them to explore what they learn in a real and genuine way.

May 8 English academic middle school 1

Students at Kells Academy can enrich their education through literature and creative writing

Studying literature and creative writing opens our English middle school students to new worlds and different perspectives as they explore a diverse range of genres and learn how to articulate their thoughts and opinions. The Kells English curriculum also focuses on strengthening their ability to write with clarity, strength, and purpose, which helps them experiment with and become confident using newer, more complex forms of self-expression.

From the fundamentals of grammar to creative expression through the written word, the English classroom at Kells Academy is focused on promoting reading fluency and inspiring a love of literature and writing in our students. The act of reading is an internal process that involves many different components of ourselves as learners and individuals, which is why Kells offers a variety of support methods for students, including in-class support from our dedicated teachers, the use of assistive technology, group support during FLEX time, and our after school homework program, among many more.

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