Here's How Middle School Students can Become Responsible Digital Citizens

Students today grow up in a world that is increasingly utilizing the internet and digital devices. Whether connecting with friends online, conducting research for an assignment, or browsing sites for fun, children experience technology as an everyday and essential part of their lives.

This can offer many important benefits. Technology allows students to access a wealth of terrific educational resources and stay in contact with friends from all over the world. However, it is equally if not more important for students to learn how to use this technology responsibly. Digital citizenship means approaching online resources critically, safely, and in a courteous and professional manner.

Of course, being a local leader at integrating technology within the classroom means Kells Academy also helps students learn to harness it in a positive way. Continue reading to learn how our middle school fosters digital citizenship.

Our Middle School Promotes the Practice of Online Safety

While technology can be used positively to encourage growth, it’s critical for students to understand and practice online safety. This incorporates many different things, including using age-appropriate sites, approaching online resources critically, and not sharing personal information online. It also means creating a safe space on the net that is supportive, welcoming, and free of cyber-bullying and harassment.

We strive to encourage our students to responsibly engage with the internet and other web-based applications they use to support their learning. Our students are educated on the rules and restrictions implemented at Kells Academy regarding technology, and can be blocked or restricted from certain applications if they don’t practice online safety.

Access can be re-granted once students have proven that they can use these resources appropriately. Through this approach, our students develop healthy habits for engaging with digital resources. They learn to become digital citizens who are informed, respectful, and safe online.

Students are Taught to be Conscious of What They Post Online

It’s crucial for young students to understand that once something is posted publically online it becomes permanent. We live in a world where tweets, Instagram photos, YouTube videos, and other social interactions are constantly copied and shared by others, often long after they first appear on the web. That’s why our private mid school teaches students to make conscious decisions about what they post, and to take responsibility for their actions online.

A student’s digital footprint can affect both their present and future, and they need to understand that employers, universities, and even their loved ones may search for or stumble across past posts, photos, and videos left online. It’s important for them to consider whether these posts would represent them in a positive light when Googled by a friend, parent, or future employer.

Students Learn to Build a Professional Digital Footprint

As students progress beyond middle school towards further study and eventually employment, digital tools can also be leveraged to promote themselves professionally. Just as negative posts can have a detrimental effect on a student, a positive online presence can be an asset. By creating an online portfolio showcasing their accomplishments, students can begin paving the way for professional success at a young age, adding more pieces of work and achievements to their portfolios as they grow.

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Kells Academy encourages students to use technology to document their accomplishments

Social networking can also be a positive tool in developing a professional digital footprint. With the vast number of social channels available, it’s important to encourage students to use these resources in a professional and responsible manner. In this way, students can grow their network and develop habits that will serve them well long after middle school.

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