Located in the heart of Montreal - a culturally diverse and vibrant city – Kells Academy reflects the global flavor of the city. With the help of a team of experienced and dedicated teachers, students graduate with fluency in both English and French. Kells' international students - some 250 students from over 20 countries, including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Mexico and South America - thrive in the secure, cosmopolitan mix that is Montreal.





  • Located on the island of Montreal in south central Quebec, Montreal has the largest urban French population outside of Paris, France.  One of Canada's major cities (population 2.8 million) it is home to four universities and a flourishing business community.
  • Montreal boasts excellent libraries, museums, theatres, art galleries and extensive recreational and athletic facilities.  It is renowned too for its festivals (jazz, film, Just for Laughs) and the celebrated Montreal Botanical Gardens.
  • A safe, convenient city with an Old World Latin charm, Montreal is less than a day's drive from New York, Boston, Toronto, Ottawa and Niagara Falls and just a few hours from the hills of the Laurentians, Eastern Townships and northern Vermont.
  • Tempered by the St. Lawrence River, Montreal's climate features hot, sunny summers; snowy, cold winters and moderate springs and autumns.



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